Sun goes down

Social Media Writing
– News
– Blogging
– Facebook
– twitter
– Social Media Strategies

Website Copywriting
– Structure and main content
– Product optimisation
– Blog posts
– SEO copywriting (done properly)

Print Copywriting
– Advertising
– Sales and direct mail
– Corporate docs/annual reports
– Leaflets, brochures, sales promo
– Catalogues, prospectuses and large docs

News, Newsletters and PR
– Features
– Articles
– Cover Stories
– Newsletters/Electronic Newsletters
– Internal and external comms
– Change management/difficult PR comms

Proofreading and Editing
– Proofreading & grammar checking
– Editing and Sub-Editing
– Final proofreads

SEO Content Strategies
– Writing for search engines and humans
– Images and videos
– Blogging, blogs and social media integration

What is good, rich content?
News, stories, product reviews, interviews, current affairs opinions, polls, guest writers, etc.


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