Sun goes down

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter in Glasgow, then you’ve found me. I’ve been writing marketing copy for over 20 years for many industries and sectors for publications, adverts, websites and PPC landing pages, newsletters and direct marketing letters.

Specialising in sales and call-to-action copy as well as copy sensitive, I have written copy for universities, international corporations, small businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

Regardless of industry and audience, I understand all media types and can advise on best use of copy, the correct vehicle to carry you message and advise on cost-effective solutions and how to maximise your budget (or even the best way to procede if you don’t have a budget).

A traditional marketing professional as well as a non-technical search engine marketer, I can manage offline and online marketing campaigns, am a social media content writer and an expert advertising copywriter.

I offer an initial free consultancy, am passionate about copy and marketing and can turn mediocre marketing into creative and money-making messages. A wise man once said that turning good copy in to great copy is “adding sizzle to the sausage”.

Contact me to find out how I can right your copy.


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