Sun goes down

Web content strategies are fairly straightforward – if you know who your audience are, how to find them, how they search online and then deliver them the right content.

Content strategies allow you to outrank you competitors for the money terms: the keywords that drive traffic to your industry who are intent to buy/rent/read/use etc.

Content strategies start with good keyword research then creativity and marketing in its purest form come in to play. Creating a ‘need’ for your product or service in the potential customer’s mind in order that they buy it. See, it is straighforward.

So, here is what a content strategy is:

  • Research your market and appropriate keywords/phrases
  • Add content to your site/the internet based on your research
  • Check your email and/or answer the phone to your new customers

The idea behind a content strategy is to add good quality content – and by this we mean text/images/video/documents – to your site that targets not only the main keywords that you want to rank for in search engines but also the ‘long tail’ keywords (phrases with several words). Long-tail phrases can often be the money terms as, generally, people are more specific with their search which often means they they are further along with their intention to buy.

Add lots of text, do not steal copy, and make it interesting. And make sure your pages or blog posts are correctly titles and marked-up and you’re on to a winner. Here’s an example of great content:

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