Sun goes down

There are two main reasons why your PPC landing pages need to be written properly:

  • To maximise conversions
  • Increase quality score

It might be blatantly obvious, but so many people get it wrong. They throw money at campaigns and then wonder why the phone doesn’t ring or why their email inbox isn’t bursting with incoming.

Well, good landing pages WILL convert visitors to enquiries to sales. And, good landing pages, reduce your spend. What could be simpler? More leads at less cost?

First things first. Call to actions. Make it easy for visitors. Get that phone number, contact form and email address high up the page. Above the page fold (i.e. the part of the web page you see without scrolling down) is where it should be. Secondly, have lots of content and make sure EVERY WORD YOU HAVE IN YOUR ADVERT IS ON YOUR LANDING PAGE. Sounds really, really obvious but people just don’t do it.

Then, sell your product/services/features. Use a question and answer set up. There’s a good example at:

The phone number is high up and then call-to-actions are repeated. And, the main features and questions people will ask to find help are laid out perfectly. Of course, you can use an SEO Company Glasgow to help you set this up.

There are – of course – other factors that help quality score – way too many to go in to here, but having the right text on your landing page is a good start.


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